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A 500sqm meter house in Copperleaf Estate for a young, growing family. 

YEAR / 2019.  LOCATION / Centurion.  TYPOLOGY / Residential.  SIZE / 500sqm.  STATUS / Concept

01 / BRIEF

The brief involved the design of a house which frames the views towards the hills on the north and the golf course to the south. The goal is to create a unique, site-specific house, designed with the aim of achieving net-zero energy while using steel-frame construction.


The brief includes five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a study, a gym, open-plan living and dining areas, a kitchen (including scullery and laundry), guest bathroom, a patio, one double and one single garage.  


In response to the brief, the concept explores the opportunities presented by the three-meter fall across the site. Intimacy and privacy will be achieved through the design of a courtyard style house creating introverted spaces on the ground floor. The aim is to create layered spaces, oscillating between internal and external spaces to establish a connection to nature and maximise natural light. 

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