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The following projects are explorations from Kathleen's academic career. These projects display a special interest in the poetic relationship between the body and space, where interaction occurs and the expression of public space as the 'third place' (The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg (1989, 1991). These projects celebrate shared space and the everyday. The promote emotive qualities amidst the mundane. They explore civic spaces as anchors for society - exploring spaces that reconnect us to the rhythms of the natural world and promote being present



MProf(Arch) Pretoria

Ramohoebo Square, the heart of Atteridgeville, currently lies dormant. This dissertation explores the possibility of introducing a new pattern of events to expose the extraordinary in the midst of the mundane.

Conventional approaches to township architecture are challenged as a means to return place to the citizens of Atteridgeville. This study is dedicated to recreational space guided by an underlying theme of the surreal in an attempt to celebrate and enhance the quotidian by allowing for moments of serendipity and reverie.

An argument is developed towards changing attitudes and preconceived ideas towards townships and the bodies who occupy them by proposing a new perspective on old systems.

The full dissertation can be found here.



MArch Hons Pretoria

There is a need to assist the occupants of Marabastad to protect its rich heritage. The focus area is of interest for its cultural value in relation to an existing mosque and the use-value of the historic market-stalls. The investigation is based on using event to redevelop identity and a sense of a community through charity-driven activities to conserve and build communities. By honouring and validating what exists, the citizen is re-established within an inclusive public environment. 


The proposed intervention includes a Halal slaughterhouse and butchery, along with public amenities and a relationship with a new public park which for part of a larger framework investing in homelessness and security in the context of Marabastad. This was complemented by a homeless shelter and home for destitute women to the west, designed by my colleague, Ali Sadiq.


An investigation into sustainable technology and services was executed to develop a scheme for public programmes which was as energy efficient as possible, while ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility. This was hugely successful in creating a self-sustaining pilot scheme for Marabastad.


This project helped me develop my normative position. It further strengthened my belief that architecture and the built environment plays a crucial role in how we as humans, relate to one another. This scheme set the tone for my dissertation which focused specifically on civic space in an old dormitory town, Atteridgeville.