Market street

Market street/

These 100sqm residential units are an addition to a site with an existing house. Affordability and ease of construction as well as a tight site led to a simple linear solution.

Courtyard House

Courtyard House/

A blurring of internal and external spaces using the courtyard typology to ensure privacy and a sense of openness is achieved.

Cottage - Private Nature Reserve/

This small addition utilises an existing thatched parking structure to create a private cottage adjacent to the main residence.


The renovation of an old apartment in Killarney, a beautiful green suburb in Johannesburg, South Africa. The clients approached us to redesign their apartment and turn it into a home better suited to their needs.



A 500 sqm home at Copperleaf Estate. The project involved a complex site requiring a balance between public and private spaces due to the nature of the property.

Portfolio from previous employment/

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