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Three 100sqm rental units in the suburbs of Johannesburg North 

YEAR / 2020-2021.  LOCATION / Johannesburg.  TYPOLOGY / Residential.  SIZE / 100sqm.  STATUS / Council submission

The brief is to design three free-standing dwellings on the property. The design of these units is to be simple and practical to accommodate rental tenants. Each unit should include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living areas, a patio, garden and two car ports, a total of approximately 100m2 each.

The design of the master plan should ensure that each unit is afforded maximum privacy with comfortable internal and external spaces, views and natural sunlight. Ideally, the units should have all living areas north-facing. Finishes should be modern, yet affordable and durable.

Since these units are to be designed for temporary occupants, the design will not be tailored to a unique client. This however does not mean the units should not be well designed and carefully put together. These spaces will form a temporary, yet significant part of the occupants’ lives and should create spaces of comfort and tranquillity - a space they can make their own for a period of time.

Affordability and ease of construction were two major factors.

01 / BRIEF


The approach to these units was very simple - a linear plan with service areas to the south and living areas to the north, all contained under a bold, asymmetrical roof. 

Since the units are quite closely positioned to one another, the southern wall was simplified to act as a 'boundary wall' with only clerestory windows. In this way, maximum privacy could be achieved and the garden space to the north of the units could be dedicated to the individual unit. Being only 100sqm, the living areas are open-plan and lead onto a covered patio with large openings to create the sense of spaciousness flooded with natural light. 

03 / FINAL


Despite a tight budget, we were able to achieve a simple and elegant solution. A simple material palette of bag-washed bricks and timber create the perfect stage for a young family to live out their lives. 

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