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New office interior for attorneys

YEAR / 2022-2023.  LOCATION / Kempton Park.  TYPOLOGY / Offices.  SIZE / 750sqm.  STATUS / Complete

Van Rensburg Schoon Inc. and Brits Attorneys, distinguished law firms, sought to leave behind their outdated, dark, and cramped offices for a space that aligned with their professional image following a recent rebranding effort. Urban Scene was tasked with designing the new building, while Studio Poetica took charge of the interior design. The objective was to create a timeless interior that reflected the firm's ethos, combining accessibility, professionalism, and beauty. The interior design aimed to balance open-plan and private spaces for optimal productivity, with regular consultations with the directors to ensure alignment with the firm's image. Redesigning the internal stairwell and incorporating custom-built furniture were also part of the brief.

01 / BRIEF


The design concept centred on creating a professional yet timeless environment using high-quality materials. Transparency and privacy were both prioritised, with glass and timber shopfronts allowing natural light while maintaining confidentiality. Acoustic treatments ensured privacy in offices, while designated pause spaces promoted informal interactions. The material palette featured timber, aluminium, and ceramics, subtly incorporating the firm's brand colours. The space plan emphasised a client-focused ground floor and functional upper level.

03 / SITE + 


The construction process was an exciting time. Working with a great team who put their minds together to resolve issues together and creatively is what led to a beautiful final product. 

04 / FINAL


The completed design seamlessly merged sophistication with comfort, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and collaboration among the professional team. White oak detailing and hand-made ceramic tiles added warmth, complemented by a range of blue accents. Custom-designed  shop fittings by Studio Poetica, manufactured by Woon Ateljee, tiles by Kalki Ceramics, and carpets by PentaFloor contributed to the overall ambiance.