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Before a consultation, please complete the following questionnaire.


We would like to gather more detailed information about your needs, preferences, and constraints, which will help ensure a successful consultation, more accurate fee proposal and ultimately a successful project.

Provide the address or general location where the project will take place. This helps us understand the local regulations, environmental factors, and potential challenges specific to the site.

Single dwelling, multiple dwellings, high-density residential, offices, retail, additions and alterations, interior, other (please specify).

Are there any specific architectural styles or design preferences you have in mind?

Are there any special considerations for the project, such as sustainability goals or accessibility requirements?

Provide an estimate of the total floor area of the building in square meters. This helps us understand the scale of the project and plan accordingly. Are there any specific spatial requirements or constraints we should consider?

What is the total budget for the the project excluding professional fees? Specify the financial resources available for the project. This allows us to tailor our design and recommendations to fit within your budget constraints.

Are there any specific milestones or deadlines we should be aware of? Are there any external factors that could impact the project timeline, such as permitting or financing?

When would you like to begin working together? Are there any seasonal considerations or scheduling constraints we should be aware of? 7.

Are there any specific functional requirements or programmatic elements we should be aware of? Are there any aesthetic preferences or design inspirations you would like us to consider?

Who will be responsible for approving design decisions and signing off on project milestones?

Thanks for submitting!

Please review the link provided to gain insight into our process ahead of our consultation. We limit our first consultation to a short call or video conference. This period will be utilised to assess whether our practice aligns with your project needs, enabling us to furnish you with a comprehensive fee proposal. 

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