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A 90sqm apartment in Johannesburg refurbished for a young couple. 

YEAR / 2018-2019.  LOCATION / Johannesburg.  TYPOLOGY / Residential.  SIZE / 90sqm.  STATUS / Complete

Designed for a young couple, the project involved the renovation of an old apartment in Killarney, a beautiful green suburb in Johannesburg, South Africa. The clients approached us to redesign their apartment and turn it into a home better suited to their needs. Their appreciation for good design and art informed the simple design approach.


The goal was to transform this old apartment and take advantage of some prominent features, such as the natural light, large living areas and beautiful timber floors. The apartment required a full remodelling of the kitchen and bathroom as they were small and cramped, and an upgrade to the somewhat dated interior of the living spaces. 


The brief required a focus on well-lit, flexible spaces with high-quality finishes and a personal touch that suited both clients' personalities. The couple required an open kitchen, as they enjoy cooking and entertaining, and comfortable living spaces suited to working and relaxation. 

01 / BRIEF


Through a process of removing barriers, for example in the kitchen, and highlighting thresholds to define space, a more open, well-lit interior was gained. Subtle colours were introduced into the different areas of the apartment to compliment the beautiful finishes. Simple, durable and high-quality finishes were used: polished concrete shelving and countertops, birch plywood and exposed brickwork. 

03 / FINAL


Despite a tight budget, we were able to achieve everything we set out to do from the conceptual development. The final product was even better than we had hoped. Special attention was paid to the finishing touches, from light fixtures to plug points. Every detail was considered.

A limited, yet rich material palette and a touch of colour ties the spaces together. A warm, sophisticated space well suited to the clients was achieved.

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